Movers and Shakers - Episode 303 - Ian Lenhart

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 303 – Movers & Shakers – Ian Lenhart – Podcasting For Business

In 2018, Ian launched his podcast, LenJones Party of 2, which focuses on educating entrepreneurs by dissecting the come-up stories of today’s incredible achievers. Today, Ian helps people navigate podcasting for business through online education programs that teach people how to upgrade their network to grow their show. He believes effective communication is based on foundational principles and focuses his time on creating genuine connections while teaching others to do the same.

But Ian’s story didn’t start in podcasting for business …

After stumbling into the direct sales industry at the age of twenty, Ian fell in love with networking and connecting with people from various backgrounds. Shortly after hitting the elite ranks in his first company, it was forced to close its doors. This led him to dive into the technology world, fast becoming the first employee of a computer vision startup using machine learning to build facial recognition and object detection models. It was there he helped scale the company to 15+ employees and led the sales team to achieve over $1,000,000 in business.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

    • How to take imperfect action to see results
    • How to figure out what your niche is
    • How to build your foundation and eliminate luck in the equation
    • How to guarantee your success
    • And more …


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