Successful Mind Podcast- What’s The Truth - Overcoming Lack and Discomfort

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 307 – What’s The Truth? – Overcoming Lack & Discomfort When Scaling Your Business

Welcome to The Successful Mind Podcast and “What’s The Truth?”.  Today, I’m helping Walter, an attorney, figure out the truth behind why he’s been stuck and hasn’t been able to breakthrough and scale his business.

On today’s episode, I’m ask Walter the hard questions needed to understand why he hasn’t been able to hire the help necessary to move his business forward. Questions such as: “Do you want the breakthrough of success that you say you want, more than whatever reason you have for not scaling?”. In order to get where he wants to go, he will have to overcome lack thoughts and the discomfort that comes with building a successful business.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

    • Scaling correctly will allow you to make more money, not less.
    • Earning money is a cause and effect situation.
    • Money is never the issue. It is a symptom of another problem.
    • Needing to control is dysfunctional and doesn’t translate into adult life.
    • And so much more …


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