The Successful Mind Podcast- The Hidden Power- Truth in Manifestation

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 314 – The Hidden Power: Truth In Manifestation

“Thoroughly to realize the true nature of affirmative power is to possess the key to the great secret…”  
-Thomas Troward

Upon reading those words, so perfectly written by Troward in his book The Hidden Power, I had my first experience where making significant changes in the direction my life was going was solely in my hands.  That power he referred to, the one that was laying dormant inside of me, was about to be unleashed. I had the awareness, but how do I build on that and create the change I desired? Not only that, but what is the “secret” he is speaking about? That is the journey.

My story is one you’ve heard countless times, and it may not be that different from your own. You’ve heard me say change is easy, but it took time to get to that place.  It took years of study and overcoming thoughts of inadequacy, not being enough, and releasing any shame and guilt around who I was as a person.  When I accepted personal responsibility and took control of my life, the good and the bad, everything shifted.  

On today’s episode I dive deeper into my study of Thomas Troward and how impactful his works meant to my personal development.   When I first started this journey back in the early 1990’s, my growth was dependent on employing three simple changes in how I was living my life:

    • Act like I loved what I did
    • Do every job to the best of my ability
    • Treat everyone with total respect

So how did I go from being bitter and resentful to embracing positivity and assertiveness in my life? That secret lies inside…


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