The Successful Mind Podcast - Generational Victimhood

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 316 – Generational Victimhood

No one can argue that the human function of thought is the highest capability we possess. The fact that we are able to consciously think and accomplish so much separates us from all other forms of life as we know it. Everything that human beings have created has come from people first thinking about it and then working to bring it into existence. The phone you carry, the computer you use, the car you drive. All of it.  

With that in mind I want to challenge the way you think about what it means to be a victim. If you had a computer that was in charge of something like the guidance system on an airplane, and it all of a sudden went haywire and wasn’t working as it should, what would you do?  Would you blame another computer for that problem? Would you find something else to blame?   What would you do?

In this scenario, the logical way to get to the root of the issue would be to figure out exactly what went wrong inside the computer and fix it. You’d diagnose the problem, think about what to do in order to get it back online, and forge ahead hoping it wouldn’t happen again.   This is almost the polar opposite of how most of us handle our business when it comes to embracing victimhood. If you are someone who is not getting the results you desire in life, rather than diagnosing the problem and taking steps to correct them internally you are quick to lay blame elsewhere.  Welcome to the perpetual cycle of the blame game, and in this game there are no winners..

On today’s episode I explore:

    • The idea of generational victimhood and how a faulty belief system is passed on
    • The harsh reality that comes with believing the problems we have are due to other people.
    • Why being oblivious to the power of personal responsibility is a dangerous proposition.
    • How a basic understanding of cause & effect holds the key to every successful mind .


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