The Successful Mind Podcast - Whats Going To Be Different This Year?

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 320 – What’s Going To Be Different This Year?

What’s going to be different for you in 2021? What’s going to change in your life, in your business? Really take a moment to think about these questions. Search your thoughts and find these answers because if you can, the potential to make an enormous difference in the year ahead is palpable. Trust me, the opportunity for change is all around you and already here.

Here are some statistics when it comes to going into business for yourself:


    • 50% of new businesses fail within the first year
    • 80% of those businesses don’t make it to five years
    • 96% of those businesses don’t make it beyond a decade


That means that 4% of all businesses succeed and remain relevant in a ten year span.  That doesn’t mean they make money, it just means they are still standing and serving.  Starting a business, running a business, and being an entrepreneur is one of the riskiest propositions a person could take on when observing from an outside perspective. Which is what makes you special.  Makes you unique!

If you study successful people from the past, like Andrew Carnegie, the person responsible for commissioning Napoleon Hill to write the mindset classic, Think and Grow Rich,  you begin to recognize an important  pattern.  It’s simple really. There is an actual formula or science behind being successful in matters of business building. By following this formula and embracing a set of principles, values, and beliefs, you have the potential to set yourself up for the long haul.  It’s time to break through that 1 year –  5 year – 10 year threshold and build the business of your dreams.  Time to get resourceful!             

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