Movers & Shakers - Episode 325 - A.M. Williams - Leverage Without Limits

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 325 – Movers & Shakers – A.M. Williams – Leverage Without Limits

Coach A.M. Williams is a Results Coach who specializes in helping experts transform their expertise into high leveraged offers.  He is the owner of A.M. Williams Coaching and has personally coached and trained numerous executives, lawyers, doctors, recording artists, and other coaches and consultants over the past 10 years from a bed-bound state.

Having been diagnosed with incomplete paraplegia, Coach A.M. learned to discover the gift of challenges, and has mastered the art of transforming adversity into one’s greatest advantage.   His Yes,Go! radio show on is syndicated across 300 radio stations and reaches international listeners across the UK and North America each month.  His magnificent obsession is helping high performing professionals and entrepreneurs use leverage to create the life they want, which is evident from our conversation.

On today’s episode, A.M. shares how he went from running a successful business, living a healthy and productive life to being told he only had ten days to live. It was in the darkest of these periods, lying in bed without the ability to get up, where he shifted from giving up to realizing that everything in your life can be leveraged to create something that you want.   In that moment his purpose was revealed and he has not looked back since.


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