The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 336 - Everything is Created as a Whole

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 336 – Everything is Created as a Whole

The Law of Polarity says everything in the universe is created as a “whole.” This means everything has an opposite, and it’s equal and opposite. 

If you have a problem in your life, then there must be a solution right here and now. If you have a desire, then the way to fulfill that desire is already here.

Our goal should be to become more aware of this truth each day, and realize our oneness with God or the universe. This allows us to tap into our infinite human potential, which goes from being “potential” to power.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • There’s no other time in the universe than right now
    • Everything is already here—and it’s here now
    • Your “reality” is much more than whatever you’re experiencing in this moment
    • Money is abundant—whether you have an abundance of wealth, or an abundance of poverty or debt
    • We’re always manifesting our heart’s desire —even if that desire is unconscious


The more you become aware that everything is created as a whole, the faster your life will change, the more money you’ll make, the more limitless your ideas will become, and the more people you’ll help, including yourself.


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