The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 345 - Thomas Troward's Principle of Guidance

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 345 – Thomas Troward’s Principle of Guidance

Today I’m teaching on Thomas Troward’s Principle of Guidance.

Ancient wisdom says, “With all thy getting, get understanding.” That means the whole purpose of studying anything is to understand. Understanding takes place inside of us. The more we understand the truth about things, the more we can create the success we want on the outside. That’s because what we become on the inside gets reflected on the outside.

Troward explains how we can—and should—trust the guidance that comes from inside of us. By doing so, we can tap into the infinite mind and all the possibility and potential that comes along with it.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why truth needs to be the basis for everything we do, and it should always come first before anything else
    • Thoughts are things, and we can will our thoughts to become whatever we want
    • The “infinite mind” is a superior intelligence that doesn’t come from any external source—but rather, it comes from the innermost part of your being
    • Why listening to this internal guidance increases your confidence and guarantees your success
    • How our desire is leading us in the direction we want to go—and why the idea of “getting rid of all our desires” is actually misguided and harmful
    • What happens when we focus on problems instead of focusing on what we want to create
    • Why our own personal growth is the fundamental value we should have, first and foremost


When we surrender to the guidance within that is seeking expression without, we have the power to create something greater in our lives.


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