Successful Mind Podcast- Inside Episode 312- Why Are You Choosing To Have This Experience

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 312 – Why Are You Choosing To Have This Experience?

Let’s talk about goals. I want to caution you though, we’re going to be brutally honest in this episode.

Today’s world is crazy when you stop to consider just how many people use blame and victimization to justify their experience and why they are stuck.  Chances are It has become so easy to point the finger and deflect personal responsibility because you learned that from an early age.  It’s not yours and certainly not intended to be your default. Ditch the excuses that are keeping you from enjoying the life you deserve and your whole world gets flipped upside down, for the better..

You see, humans are capable of creating amazing things.  Good or bad, we are known for achieving the incredible. Throughout history we have invented, discovered, and created things that have made all our lives easier.  What separates them from you? Absolutely nothing. 

In this episode, David & BT discuss the twisted ideas that filter how we view the outside world, why it’s time to ditch those filters and accept responsibility in your life, and the secret mindset shifts necessary to move you forward.


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