The Consistency of Action: How to Change Your Internal Self-Image to Transform Your Life


Each of us holds an “internal image” of ourselves that manifests into the tangible, physical reality of our life. It also manifests into the emotional, spiritual, and psychological process that we experience on a regular basis.


This internal self-image gets formed early in our life, based on what we experienced as a child. The way you see yourself and what you believe about the world comes from how your view yourself and what you believe you’re worth.


Do you believe you’re worth living in an amazing life, overcoming amazing challenges, living in an amazing body (if that’s what they want)? Do you believe you’re worth having unlimited income, building a successful business, having amazing friends and people in your life, and doing fun and exciting things? If so, then you need to create a self-image that reflects that back to you.


We have the power to change our internal self-image—and therefore change our results—if we want to experience something different.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • How and why our internal self-image starts to form


  • How the “consistency of action” our parents took shaped the way we see ourselves—based on how they reacted when we expressed ourselves as children to get our needs met


  • The subconscious mind is NOT the brain—rather, it’s comprised of every cell of the body; it begins to get programmed at the moment of conception


  • Everything we listened to, saw, and experienced before the age of 7 was taken in, internalized, and formed into what we believe about ourselves


  • The #1 fear that human beings have is the fear of abandonment


  • The 2 core negative beliefs that most people have are—“I’m not worthy of good things,” and “I’m not lovable”


  • Tolerations are things we don’t want that we allow in our life—because we don’t believe we’re worth changing those things


Plus, I give you an exercise to write a list of everything you want to be, do, and have in life. Then carefully construct an image in your mind of you being, doing, and having those things.


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