The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 569 - Are You Too Controlling?

Are You Too Controlling?


Controlling behavior can block your business growth. It shows up in many sneaky ways—from who you’re being, to how other people are being around you. Expecting those you hire to be perfect, managing your own email inbox, and working on your website instead of making sales can all be ways of trying to stay in control. 


Being an entrepreneur requires some degree of control—because the opposite is chaos. Chaos does not build a business. You have to be able to direct yourself to take certain actions, and communicate to others to help you along the way.


Being in control was a survival mechanism for many people in childhood. The worse someone’s childhood was, the more they feel the need to be in control as an adult, because that’s what saved them. As an adult, you no longer have to worry about dysfunctional people from childhood hurting you. You’re now in control of your life. You can direct it in an intelligent way instead of an obsessive way.


In today’s episode, we discuss:


  • How entrepreneurship requires you to make a significant change in how you’ll bring money into your life, realizing there’s no magical boss giving you a check every week


  • How magical thinking has nothing to do with making money—and why starting a podcast won’t immediately bring in the money needed to make payroll 


  • Why business owners shouldn’t manage their own email inbox 


  • How controlling behavior goes against the idea that nothing will ever be perfect, and nobody you hire will ever be perfect—that expectation is an excuse not to delegate


  • How everything in marketing is a test—from how you build an opt-in page or thank-you page, to the emails you send, to the subject lines you use, to the words and images you use


Plus, Steph shares an exercise you can do if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Write down everything you do for a week. Then, look through your list and circle everything you could easily delegate to someone else, that doesn’t require your unique level of expertise.


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