BONUS: How to Navigate Uncertainty During a Crisis

BONUS: How to Navigate Uncertainty During a Crisis

Over the past 18 months, the world has changed immensely. YOUR world has probably changed quite a bit. Today we find ourselves facing even more uncertainty as we enter the latter part of 2021. With the chaos of current world events, compounded by major media, social media, government, forecasters, and more—most of us feel like we have no idea what the next day will bring.

The world is changing so rapidly. And it seems to be split in two, with both sides thinking they’re right and the other side is wrong. Worse, there appears to be no real leadership during this time. People who are supposed to be experts are having differences of opinion. Nobody seems to know how to evaluate what’s true or not. Sadly, many people haven’t been resourceful—they’ve been completely drawn into the energy of fear. 

We all care deeply about the health of our families and our own financial future. How you respond to this situation is critical to both.

In today’s bonus episode, you’ll learn how to:


    • Evaluate a situation, so you can make decisions based in truth rather than fear
    • Regulate and control your own emotions in the face of uncertainty
    • Tap into your own innate resourcefulness and think outside the box
    • Help others navigate fear and hysteria
    • Figure out what to do?—what to decide? How to react? Who to trust?


Entrepreneurship is challenging enough during normal times—but during a crisis, you absolutely MUST have a solid foundation to lean on.

If you need support in making the right decisions, don’t miss this special BONUS episode!


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