David From The Stage: Master Class - Get Off The Revenue Rollercoaster

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 406 – David From The Stage: Master Class – Get Off The Revenue Rollercoaster

For many entrepreneurs, an interesting phenomenon takes place that causes an “up-and-down” pattern in their revenue.

It goes like this: you decide you want to make a certain amount of money each month, so you can pay your bills. The first month you hit your goal, no problem. The next month you don’t. (And…repeat.) Sometimes your income gets so far away from what it was during that previous month, it really screws with your mind. You’re like, “How the hell did I nail this the first month, but I can’t repeat it?”

This is what I call the “revenue rollercoaster.” In today’s episode I’m sharing a masterclass I recently did called “Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster.” 

You’ll learn:


    • Most people were taught that you have to live your life based on what you “need” and not what you want—and this creates your “need” story
    • How you were raised—i.e., what you were taught about money as a child—plays a significant role in how much you’re able to earn as an adult (and how consistently you earn it)
    • Your “financial set point” is determined by your need story, your wealth story, and your poverty story (all of which you can change)
    • If you want to increase your income, you must RAISE your need line
    • How changing three things in my attitude helped me triple my income within a month (love what you do, do everything to the best of your ability, and treat people with respect)
    • What to do to start seeing the opportunity that’s already all around you 


Plus, I share what I do to take my clients from having roller coaster revenue in their business—to earning seven, eight, and even nine figures in their income.

There’s no lack in the universe. There is only abundance. Due to the law of polarity, if you’re experiencing “lack” in your finances, then the money you want HAS to be there—you’re just not seeing the opportunity to create it.


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