The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 549 - Divine Timing: Is There Such a Thing?

Divine Timing: Is There Such a Thing?

Timing is one of the biggest reasons why someone won’t take action on a goal they have right now. People often use divine timing as an excuse not to take action. It may appear as though God is saying, “Nope, this is the wrong time,” or, “This isn’t the right time.” But that is superstition.

The truth is, you have the power to change any situation in your life, right now. Fear and ignorance get in the way of us creating the life we really want.

Everyone has the same amount of time. The only time is now. If we’re not focused on the now, we’re either projecting into the future (worrying or escaping), or we’re dealing with a memory of the past (reminiscing). Neither one exists.

In this episode, Steph Tuss and I discuss:


    • Why so many people are terrified of the present, because they have anxiety and don’t know what to do right now
    • How worrying is the act of using your imagination incorrectly—people worry because they don’t know how to control their mind, and they don’t understand the laws of the universe 
    • How people who were raised to be religious often weren’t taught that God is inside you—and we’re often taught to look outside of ourselves for everything
    • How opportunity rarely shows up at “the right time”
    • Why we need to get past superstition if we want to be successful
    • What divine timing”really means and why people use it as an excuse


The idea of divine timing is superstition in the sense that there is a divinity outside of yourself. YOU are the divinity. You’re responsible for creating the life you want. We determine our own divine timing.


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