The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 549 - Divine Timing: Is There Such a Thing?

Is This a Sign I’m Headed in the Wrong Direction?

Whenever something bad happens, you might be tempted to think it’s the universe giving you a “sign” that you’re headed in the wrong direction. That’s actually not the case.

When you set a big goal, make a decision to do something new, or take a risk in business—crazy stuff often shows up. This may seem like God or the universe is trying to stop you. But it’s actually your subconscious mind engaging in a sabotage pattern, trying to get you to quit.

The universe doesn’t have a sense of humor. Nor is it “testing” you or giving you a big “clue.” There’s no old white guy in the sky or grand wizard behind the scenes, directing everything with puppet strings. Your mind is just hyper programmed to ask, “What does this mean?” Your subconscious mind wants to give meaning to everything, so that you can define it—which then tells you how to create a pattern to react to it, so that you don’t have to think about it.

In today’s episode, Steph and I discuss:


    • A text Steph got from a client who was shocked when someone asked for a refund (was this a “test”?)
    • How to determine if you’re on the wrong path—and what the hidden meaning is in all the chaos showing up in your life 
    • How people look for validation outside themselves to figure out if they’re making the right decision and doing the right thing
    • All the crazy sh*t that happened in Steph’s life when she first made the decision to coach with me
    • Why negative things show up after you make a decision to do something new—and how this is your subconscious programming hijacking your focus 
    • Why personal responsibility is a MUST if you want any sort of success in life (complaining and being a victim is the exact opposite of personal responsibility)
    • Why there are no “signs”—because you’ll see whatever you’re programmed to see, and you’ll interpret it however you’re programmed to interpret it


Chaos usually shows up when you’re stuck in a state of indecision or limbo. That’s when you create your own personal hell. Once you make a firm decision, all the chaos stops.

What you call a “problem” in your life exists only because you’re giving it energy. You’re literally creating the problem; it’s just an illusion.


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