The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 557 - Entrepreneurial Maturity

Entrepreneurial Maturity

Today we’re talking about a topic that isn’t discussed very often—entrepreneurial maturity. Entrepreneurs who are immature get frustrated, emotionally triggered, and experience “high highs” and “low lows” in response to their results. Because of their lack of maturity, they miss out on so much opportunity. They start to rely on hope as a strategy for business growth. (i.e., “I hope this works.”)

When an immature entrepreneur doesn’t get the results they want in business, they take it as rejection. They give up and move on to the next thing. They create a story about “why I’m not good enough.” They don’t sit with the problem long enough to look at what’s causing it and what needs to change.

By contrast, the mature business owner will sit with a problem objectively and ask, “Why didn’t we get the result we wanted? What do we need to change?”

Entrepreneurial maturity means you won’t quit until you find an answer, or until you hit your goal. Mature entrepreneurs will do a focus group, survey their database, ask for help, or do whatever it takes to truly solve the problem. They’ll ask, “Where did we miss the mark?”

In today’s episode, Steph and I discuss:


    • How immature entrepreneurs engage in “all or nothing,” fatalistic thinking — where they believe, “No one will buy from me” or “I’m not good enough”
    • How many businesses were started because the owner had an immature intention to begin with
    • How asking a different questions can make you see your problem differently, so that you can actually solve it
    • Why relentlessness and persistence are so important in business
    • The story of how Steph’s daughter, Bailey, wanted to catch a fish—and she didn’t quit until she caught a trout. Even as a child, she sought the information needed to figure out how to make it work. 
    • How you create and recreate the same problems in your business, because of your belief and how you’re viewing the problems


Plus, we share an enlightening exercise that will help you separate yourself from the problem, and the meaning you’ve given to the problem.


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