The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 558 - The Hidden Meaning Behind Complaining

The Hidden Meaning Behind Complaining

If you pay attention, you’ll start to notice that most people complain about everything. Business owners complain about their team, workload, and clients. Parents complain about their kids. Wives complain about their husbands leaving socks on the floor. While traveling, people will complain about the flight, the Uber, the hotel check-in process, or the dinner they ate last night.

Complaining is a form of communication. People do it for many reasons—to bond and connect, to feel important or significant because they have low self-esteem, or to be seen as valuable . It may be a part of the culture that someone grew up in. Why do we complain so much? And what’s behind this?

In this episode, we discuss:


    • The difference between a complaint and verbalizing a problem—complaining has a griping, whiny energy to it; whereas verbalizing a problem allows you to find a solution and change it
    • How complaining makes you fail to see an opportunity that’s right in front of you
    • How complaining is a safe way to start a conversation with a stranger 
    • Why you shouldn’t assume that people who complain actually want to change or solve their problem
    • How complaining puts you in the energy of what you DON’T want, by causing you to focus on everything you DON’T want
    • Why you should you never speak anything into existence that you don’t wish to be in your life
    • How to redirect yourself from complaining to getting your needs met 


Plus, we discuss how our team is doing a 21-day challenge based on the book, A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen.

Everything we say or do is based on a frequency or a vibration. Complaining pushes growth away, due to the Law of Vibration. So, I challenge you to go 21 days without complaining about anything. Think about how many times you’ve complained in the last 24 hours. Do this challenge with your spouse, partner, and/or team members.

This all just comes down to effective communication —and being able to ask for what you want in a specific way.


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