Episode 019: The Shadow Side of Spirituality

I have been working with people for over 2 decades and one of the things that seems to make an enormous difference in a person’s success is the ability to step into their authentic selves. Each of us has a unique soul authenticity. However, as we’re being raised, the messages we receive about right and wrong are laced with shame and guilt and these messages go into our core and make us feel like something is wrong with us so we don’t feel we can show up authentically.

This affects how we view ourselves, whether we accept of deny ourselves, and in the dysfunction of how we see ourselves we can’t get to the spiritual expression of who we are. It takes a lot of courage to uncover and heal these wounds. Many people can’t stand the pain so they turn to drugs or alcohol. Others swing to the other side of the pendulum and dive into a life of “spirituality” but it’s really just trading one addiction for another and ultimately avoiding healing these wounds that keeps us from our fullest expression. John Welwood first coined the term, Spiritual Bypassing, in 1984 and this is exactly what we’ll be discussing today.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What spiritual bypassing is
  • Why this is the shadow side of spirituality
  • What true spirituality is
  • Questions to ask to know if you’re involved in spiritual bypassing

Thanks for Listening!
Links and Resources:
Spiritual Bypassing – Avoidance in Holy Drag – http://robertmasters.com/writings/spiritual-bypassing/