Episode 018: Addicted to Dysfunction

Why would we end up in any kind of dysfunctional relationship and actually stay in it? Well, you might say “I’m in LOVE!” – actually no, you’re addicted. How can you be addicted to a person? I’ll tell you how and it’s really fascinating. This isn’t just intimate relationships either, I see it a lot in business relationships. The cold hard truth: For a person to get into a dysfunctional relationship there has to be something dysfunctional about them also. This episode is about what we can do to start recognizing the dysfunction and how to break it.
In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How you can become addicted to another person
  • Where this dysfunction comes from
  • How to recognize dysfunction in yourself and others
  • How to change the behavior

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Links and Resources:
B.F. Skinner and Operant Conditioning

1 thought on “Episode 018: Addicted to Dysfunction”

  1. This was amazing, I have been on the path to healing myself and discovering myself over the past few years and you are absolutely right, when you accept the other person for who they really are instead of magically believing in who you want them to be dysfunctional behavior sticks out like a red flag. How do you break the pattern when that person refuses to recognize it and wants to hold onto the relationship for the same reasons the person you described at the beginning of this episode?

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