Episode 029: Living Life on Your Own Terms

Are you living your life on your own terms? I recently watched John Mellencamp’s documentary, Plain Spoken, on Netflix which is the inspiration behind today’s episode. It’s fantastic and I highly suggest you watch it!
What I really loved about this documentary, is that he’s living his life on his own terms. He’s not letting anyone else direct what he does and over the years he’s stepped more and more into living his life how he wants to. He doesn’t settle for anything.
This idea of not settling is what I’d really like to dive into with this podcast. As Mr. Mellencamp brilliantly states in his show -“There is no reward in this world for settling for something you don’t want.” So you might as well trade your time for what it is that you DO want to do. And be damn happy that you get to do it. It’s pretty amazing!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why we settle
  • The dysfunction of searching for your purpose
  • The power of creating every day
  • An exercise that will reveal your desired life so you can stop settling and start living life on your own terms!

Links and Resources-
John Mellencamp : Plain Spoken – Netflix.com

6 thoughts on “Episode 029: Living Life on Your Own Terms”

  1. Amazing advice, always inspiring and given with such clarity…after listening to you, I do believe anything is possible.
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you Sarah, I appreciate you listening every week. The ability to do whatever you want in this life is inside of you, just waiting to be claimed. Reach out, take it, and never look back.

  2. Thank you for another wonderful podcast! and for your observations of John’s life philosophy “living life on your own terms!”… which is completely, authentic and inspirational! (in spirit) that surpasses any other form of human ideology!…Thanks again, David & Looking forward to your seminars in December!

    1. Thank you Maree, I appreciate you listening. Plain Spoken was such a great documentary and John Mellencamp is an authentic example of doinging what you want when you want and being in line with your life’s values and purpose. I encourage everyone to watch it a few times and listen to the message. The music is great, the message is greater! See you in December!

  3. I always enjoy these podcasts because they are compassionate but practical and direct. Each one encourages us to think about what we are actually doing in our lives if our lives are not the way we would like them to be. Thanks as always for posting them.

    1. I appreciate that Andrea, it is exactly the reason I enjoy getting The Successful Mind Podcast out there on a weekly basis. It provides me an opportunity to give my insights, and share my story, with those who are open to hearing it. Inspiration through any one in any way is a powerful thing. So happy you are enjoying it.

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