The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 28 - Uncommon Ground: When Your Spouse Won't Grow With You

Uncommon Ground


Are you developing professionally alone? What should you do if you want to grow but your spouse or partner does not?


What if they have no interest in learning, advancing, or making any progress at all?


Individuals will intentionally hold themselves back or go at a slower pace because they want their partner to catch up.  Be aware, you can’t force a person to change. It has to come from within them or it won’t be successful.


This really throws people for a loop when they’re in this circumstance, and it’s a challenging predicament to be in. Developing professionally alone is no way to grow. 


In today’s episode, I want to discuss the various types of relationships that exist, as well as the reasons why people choose to be in them.


I’ll also provide you with some thought-provoking questions to ask yourself in order to help you make an informed decision about what action to take next when you find yourself in a predicament like this one.


You’ll also learn:


  • The Three Primary Categories of Relationships
  • Insightful Questions to Guide the Direction of Your Relationship
  • How to Determine whether Your Relationship is Growing and When it Is the Right Time to Go On


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    1. Thank you Martha, it is a complicated subject matter for sure. That said, it is a common concern and one that I come across so often in conversations with my clients and in my events. It was good to get this one out there and I thank you for listening.

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