Episode 059: Transformation Check-In: Your Subconscious STOP Button

Today we’re checking in with an update on my personal transformation and a lesson on the subconscious mind and how it will try to stop you when making any significant change. We’re also taking a few questions from my Transformation 2019 Facebook group.

Over the course of these first three months I’ve been dealing with a lingering issue, one where the subconscious mind wants to revert to old patterns and keep me from where I want to go.  This can be dangerous ground for most since when you agree with your subconscious mind you reinforce a pattern, which usually stops progress dead in its tracks.

As you are aware from listening to my previous check-in episode, a few days before I was set to dive into my new exercise regimen I tweaked my knee. Perfect excuse to keep me stagnant right?!?

Welcome to my fork in the road moment.

In order to breakthrough my own subconscious stop pattern, I had to work with not only where I was but also what I was given.  For me, that meant dealing with a sore and swollen knee on some days, a recurring bad back on others. The decision I made early on to be this entirely new person that welcomed the exercise instead of shied away from it was not going to fall back on those old, tired patterns. Period.

Welcome to my new normal.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The power of your subconscious mind and what you can do to break your own STOP pattern
  • How fighting the conversation in your head may be what’s holding you back
  • Mindset matters and that calming the chatter in your head keeps you on track

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