Episode 061: Building Killer Self Confidence

Today I’m responding to a question I received recently from an avid listener:

Can you offer some resources on how to develop self-confidence and trust?

Let me start by saying that you want to achieve the success you were born to have, you have to develop killer self-confidence.

This would be so much easier if we were starting with a blank slate, but there are years and years of programming at work.

In order to start developing more self-confidence, you have to change the truth you currently believe in.  If you don’t, you are building on a foundation on sand, which will eventually collapse.

When you start to use what I’m about to share with you, your confidence will skyrocket. It won’t be easy and will require you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  This will expand your mind and creates a bigger vision for yourself, making you unstoppable.

In this episode you’ll learn:


  • What purpose has to do with confidence 
  • The importance of setting goals and being your word to see them through 
  • The steps you follow to create unstoppable confidence, NOW!