Episode 062: Removing Toxic People

We are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.

Many years ago, I heard in a seminar the importance of removing negative people out of your life.  I wasn’t sure at the time what that would look like and the benefit of doing so would be. I do now.

If we are surrounded by negative people, subconsciously we are taking in their ideas, viewpoints, and gripes based on their experience.  When we are with these types of people we feel the need to engage and sympathize with them. We put ourselves in their story and feed our subconscious mind this garbage. Over time this will overtake your thinking and show up in the mind as worry, fear, doubt.  This is not productive.

There’s another side to this and it’s rampant right now, especially in wannabe entrepreneurial circles.  You’ve likely seen it, people pretending to be positive and dwelling in what I call ‘magical thinking’, touting spiritual principles but have never actually applying them in their own life.

Here’s what I know, you can’t sit around changing your vibration and hope to make money.  It will require hard work to get what you want, so the sooner you get that straight the faster you can get there.

If you think everything has to be hard, you will make it hard.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How your mind is influenced by the company you keep
  • Anything you are not consciously rejecting you are subconsciously accepting
  • What ‘magical thinking’ is and how warm fuzzy unicorn thoughts make you numb and broke
  • The difference between evil and ignorance and what your M.O. wants from you