Episode 080: How To Break Through Resistance

Business is about solving problems, and being in business means that problems are inevitable.  It’s how you handle these problems that can determine if you will stay in business. Most often what keeps a person from growing lies in the mindset of being afraid to make a mistake.  It may not come from anyone around us, but more so from deep within our core beliefs that were planted during childhood.

If you are experiencing a feeling of being stuck, ask yourself this:  What am I resisting?  The Universe doesn’t get stuck and will not hold anything back from you.  When you believe this yourself the freedom and growth you will experience will be palpable.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Resistance is an indicator that you are not in harmony with Universal Law
  • The deeper question you need to ask if you find yourself stuck
  • What a stubborn fly can teach you about radically shifting your thinking to succeed in life and business

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