Episode 081: Sift Through The Noise

Today David takes a listener question about the unlimited amount of resources available to us from podcasts, to social media and all across the vast reaches of the internet.

When you are looking to improve yourself and begin intense study, look to identify what learning style works best for you.  For some it’s video, for others it’s audio, and for others still it’s good old-fashioned reading and physically holding a book in hand with pen and highlighter.

So where do you start to look in a world full of noise?  Quite simply, look for what you enjoy and what is going to allow you to retain the most information.  When I was in high school, I didn’t retain much of anything. I was forced to learn these materials, it wasn’t something I was excited about.

Now my study is mainly audio based, but I still study the same way I did decades ago.  Sentence by sentence. Paragraph by paragraph. Tedious for some, pure gold for me.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • That different learning styles need to be considered when diving into study
  • Going deeper into different materials over and over again helps you see from varying perspectives
  • That studying what you enjoy makes a huge difference with retention and application