Episode 127: How Bad Do You Really Want Success?

This is a simple question that requires serious consideration. It seems as of late that the dialogue around success, especially in the self-help industry, is centered around how easy things are when it comes to achieving all that you desire.  The problem with that is that it’s not as simple as thinking and believing that your dreams will come true. It requires determination, drive, and committed action to achieve the results. So, how bad do you really want it?

Think of self-help in terms of playing a musical instrument.  In order to get to the point where you are proficient you have to put in the work.  You can’t learn to play the guitar by thinking about it. You have to pick it up and play. Over and over and over again until you don’t have to think about it.  Simply put, there are no shortcuts to success.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • The flaw in the self-help industry and the internal work needed to bring about significant change 
    • The foundation of your belief system and the importance of knowing where you learned it 
    • The paradigm shift necessary when faced with approval seeking behaviors