Episode 176: The Levels of Awareness

I have been teaching awareness my entire career. It’s an essential part of everything that I teach. The reason is that when you really understand this concept, you realize that the only thing we ever really do in our lifetime is become more aware of our oneness with the Universe.

Success and the level of success that you achieve in this lifetime are directly proportionate to your awareness of it. In other words, everything that you have in your life, like your results, your circumstances in which you find yourself on a daily basis or the environment in which you surround yourself or create, is equal to your level of the awareness of those things.

In short, success is nothing more than awareness. If you desire to make more money or become a millionaire, the only reason you’re not is because you’re not aware of how to become a one. I tell people all the time that success is easy and it already lives inside of them. It’s part of who they are. They’re just not aware of it yet…