Episode 186: The Enemy Without & The Enemy Within

Where does desire come from? Is it something that we have to go out and attain or is it something that we already have and just have to uncover where it comes from? 

If you break it down to its Latin root, desire means “of the Father.” When I first learned this it was like somebody opened up a window into my mind and this beautiful beacon of truth came flashing into my life. At that moment I understood that desire is the essence of what breeds success. 

You might find out that you’re just beginning to understand what true desire really is. Every day go after my dreams and work to create the life I want to live.  In doing so I embody the importance of desire and acknowledge it on a completely different level than I did the day before, the year before or even twenty years ago. 

What’s important to know about all of this is that desire is not something that you have to go out and find. It’s not something you can purchase or get from some other person or some other thing. The truth is it’s been in you all along.