Episode 250: The Decision To Succeed

When I began working with my mentor, the first lesson I learned was around the importance of making a decision.  Through that awareness I also learned the power of not “trying” to do anything, rather focusing on the “doing” of the thing that was allowing me to grow.  When I realized that success was made up of a series of small successes, everything fell into place.

When you approach success with an understanding that the decision is a need and not a should, you bring in a higher standard of excellence to what it is you’re looking to accomplish.  Sadly, most of us are not taught this as children, which is a disservice that you carry with you through life.  That is unless you make the decision to change it.  When you make the decision that you will not be denied success, you cut away all other options and set yourself up for all the great things that are headed your way. 

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