Episode 254: The Hidden Secrets Inside a Wealth Mindset – Part I

What exactly is a middle class mindset? If you’ve followed me closely you’ll know that I often refer to this mindset as being based in the values and beliefs that have caused you to make decisions. These values and beliefs are often the product of your upbringing, entered into your subconscious mind before the age of seven.  It is these beliefs that have set the foundation for how you would navigate life. Many of us were raised with wanting only what we need, which essentially created a story deep within you that affects your decision making to this day. What if you could rewire that part of you to achieve the life you always wanted and embrace the wealth mindset screaming to get out?

In the first of this two-part series I unveil what it takes to be an elite entrepreneur and how a false sense of safety and security may be holding you back from what you truly desire in life.  

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