Episode 255: The Hidden Secrets Inside a Wealth Mindset – Part II

What is the difference between a middle class & wealth mindset?  As I said before, how we think is programmed within our subconscious mind.  Those who were raised in the
 middle class are taught very early on that hard work is a value and an ethic. It’s the only thing to get you through life. Wealthy people on the other hand believe in hard work as well, but they are taught to leverage that  work to maximize their income.  Learning how to shift from a mindset based in lack to one of abundance may seem daunting, but is essential to achieve the level of growth you desire.

In the last of this two-part series I’m focusing on helping you create a rock-solid wealth mindset, which includes implementation of habits & rituals that bridge the gap between a middle class and a wealthy mindset.  News flash, it starts with sticking to your commitments and going after what you say you want.

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