Successful Mind Podcast- What’s The Truth - Business Blindspots Keeping You Stuck

Episode 284: What’s The Truth? – Business Blindspots Keeping You Stuck

Welcome to this episode of the Successful Mind Podcast. Today, I’m excited to share with you another episode of What’s The Truth?  Today, I sit down with Tracy Brunet, a marketing and advertising consultant, to help her figure out what’s the truth, what her business blindspot is, what’s keeping her stuck and what is holding her back.

Maybe like Tracy, you want to scale your business? Maybe you are having a hard time hiring rock stars … or simply just hiring people at all. Find out what could actually be keeping you stuck. It may surprise you!

On today’s episode, you’ll hear more about why you need to:

— Give up control – no you don’t need to be the one to do everything!

— Realize that you don’t have to like the person you hire – they just have to rock at their job!

— Recognize that if you don’t have the skillset of hiring, you need to find someone to do it (yes, it is a skillset and you may not have it)!

— Understand that making a million is easy … you just have to know what is blocking you from getting there!

— And so much more …


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