The Successful Mind Podcast- Thought and Purpose for a Successful Life

Episode 285: Thought & Purpose

Welcome to The Successful Mind. Today, I’ll be covering with you the topic of Thought and Purpose.

On this episode, we will explore how the potential use of these thought processes and skill sets that I’m teaching can literally have an impact on your life and the success you desire. As a guide, we’ll use teachings from James Allen’s book, As A Man Thinketh.

On today’s episode, you’ll:

— Understand that through correct and successful thinking, you can manifest whatever you want

— Discover the purpose behind the thought for what you’re doing to break through the difficulties

— Realize that strength can only be developed through effort and patience

— And so much more …


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The Successful Mind Podcast on YouTube – Episode 285:  Thought & Purpose

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

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