The Successful Mind Podcast- Movers and Shakers with Mike Michalowicz

Episode 286: Movers & Shakers – Mike Michalowicz

Welcome to today’s episode of The Successful Mind podcast and Movers and Shakers. Today, I talk with Mike Michalowicz, the author of Profit First, Clockwork, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, and his newest release Fix This Next. By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two companies – one to private equity and another to a Fortune 500. Today he is running his third multi-million-dollar venture, Profit First Professionals.

Mike is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the former business makeover specialist on MSNBC. Over the years, Mike has traveled the globe speaking with thousands of entrepreneurs and is here today to share the best of what he has learned.

On today’s episode, you’ll discover:

— The biggest problem entrepreneurs face (not knowing what their biggest challenge is

— Why you should learn more about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the parallel it has in business success

— Why your focus shouldn’t be solely on sales

— What your NEXT fix focus should be

— And so much more…


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