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Episode 287: Make Your Success Real

Welcome to The Successful Mind. Today, we’re going to be talking about specific strategies to move success from our intellect to a place where success is real. This is clearly the goal we all strive for and leads to that pulsating experience that brings success into your life.

On this episode, we’ll explore how when you take your desire seriously, it will guide you to the most amazing places that you could ever want to go.  As a guide, we’ll use teachings from a book that I have referred to during my many years in business and is a mainstay on my desk, God Works Through Faith by Robert Russell.

On today’s episode, you’ll dig deeper into questions like:

 — What can you do today to make the possibility real for you?

 — Can you see yourself as one with the thing that you desire in life?

 — Can you see yourself as one with who you want to be?

 — Can you acknowledge that the desire alone puts you in harmony with it?

 — And so much more …


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