The Successful Mind Podcast- Lessons From The Vault - 5 Points

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 360 – Lessons From The Vault: 5 Points

Today I’m sharing five points or ideas that will help you be more successful this year than any previous year, if you choose to use them. These ideas have helped me tremendously throughout the years. I’ve found that whenever I stray from them, I usually get into trouble. The 5 points are:

    1. “The only sin is being unconscious.” – Carl Jung
    2. “God shows up when other gods leave.”
    3. “Success is easy but requires diligent work.”
    4. “Money is everywhere, but you must ask.”
    5. “What fascinates you?”

In this episode, I go deep into each point and explain what it means.

You’ll learn:

    • Why being unconscious creates an “alternate destiny” in your life, because you end up following the unconscious ideas of other people
    • How to stand aside yourself and observe your own behavior, thinking patterns, and emotions without judgment—and say, “I’m responsible for all of it”
    • What happens when you let go of the other “gods” that rule your life and control your thinking
    • What to do if you want better relationships (hint: it has to do with allowing other people to have their own viewpoints, without pushing against them—I share a story about Chick-fil-A to illustrate this)
    • Why being fascinated by something causes you to bring in a whole different energy into your being, so that you lose track of time as you’re working       
    • Your vision and life’s purpose dictate who you need to be, what your behavior needs to be, and how to structure your life


Keep these 5 points in mind as you outline your goals and strategies for the next year, and get clear on what you really want.


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