The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 365 - What Causes Blindspots?

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 365 – What Causes Blindspots?

As children, most of us were taught that life is all about staying safe. We were never taught how to experience the best life possible, or how to create something nobody’s ever created before. We weren’t taught to figure out what we want, or how to make our dream a reality.

We were taught to avoid anything “risky” that could go wrong. We were taught to prioritize “safety” above all else. But the idea of safety is a complete illusion. We’re never really “safe.” At any moment, life can change.

Most people tend to avoid anything that jeopardizes their sense of safety—even if it’s something they want. Unfortunately, this way of viewing life creates a “blind spot,” which causes us to NOT see how we can make our dreams a reality.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • How the idea of “safety” acts as a control mechanism that tells your mind how to think about everything
    • You were programmed with a “need story” that becomes a financial set point in your mind
    • Your “wealth story” and “poverty story” both work to keep you stuck earning the same amount of income throughout your life—unless you consciously change both
    • Why your income goes up a little bit—then something always happens to bring it back down again
    • How the subconscious mind kicks into high gear and starts looking for all the reasons to bring you back down
    • How shame and guilt control your patterns of behavior and life experiences


Give this episode a listen to understand how this sneaky blind spot gets created!


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