The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 370 - My Best Is All That Matters

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 370 – My Best Is All That Matters

Are you comparing yourself to what others are doing, and feeling like you’re not enough? If so, you may be slipping into a dangerous mindset based on shame. Comparing yourself to the world can make you spiral downward and view yourself in a nonproductive way.

In today’s episode, I’m teaching on the idea that, “My best is all that matters.” You don’t need to feel embarrassed because somebody else is ahead of you, or going faster than you. You just need to focus on YOUR process, and on being your best.

You’ll learn:

    • How to let an old, negative thought pattern drop away, so that a new concept will take its place
    • How to condition your mind to hold a positive idea so firmly, you don’t have to think about it anymore—it becomes the ruling factor in your thoughts, words, and actions
    • How to reverse “negative polarity” by replacing faith in evil with faith in good
    • The role that desire and imagination play in getting what you want
    • Why you must EXPECT to receive what you’re asking for (i.e., expect the best and you’ll get the best)
    • How to use your will and give attention to that which is good
    • You can’t be envious of someone if you don’t already have the ability to do what they’re doing


Being your best is about building an image of what you want, holding it in your mind, claiming it as yours, and knowing it’s going to happen. You don’t need to worry about it or get stuck in the “how.”

You just need to start seeing yourself as being the person you want to be—and be grateful and happy for those who are winning and who are ahead of you.

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