The Successful Mind Podcast- Lessons From The Vault - Developing Self-Confidence & Self-Control

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 369 – Lessons From The Vault: Developing Self-Confidence & Self-Control

A lack of confidence is one of the biggest problems plaguing most people. One question I’ve been asked often is, “How do I develop self-confidence?” Early on in my career, I learned that you can’t teach someone to be confident. However, you can guide them to develop confidence within themselves.

We were all born with natural confidence, which was either built up, or torn down over time. As children, we were either taught confidence, or fear. We were taught what TO do…or what NOT to do. We were taught to succeed, or to be “safe.”

When you’re repeatedly told what NOT to do, you develop fears, anxieties, and worries. Your mind then gets programmed with all the reasons why you “can’t” do something. This is where a lack of self-confidence comes from.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

How other people’s beliefs and values were programmed into you, and are most likely controlling you today.

One simple statement that may be lurking in your mind, that reveals how you’re programmed 


    • 3 areas to focus on if you want to create a new belief and a new story about what you’re capable of
    • A simple process you can use to develop unshakable self-confidence, so you can go out and make things happen
    • Why you must take the right actions in a bold way—to create the “cause and effect” of the results you want, while speeding up the process
    • Your ability to choose gets weaker if you don’t use it


If you’ve ever said, “I would like to do that, but I can’t because…” take note of what follows the word, “because.” Whatever it is, it reinforces the message of fear you were taught as a child. This fear breaks down your natural confidence.

The truth is, you can do virtually anything you can wrap your mind around—but in order to do it, you have to be in control of YOU.


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