The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 389 - We Live In Truth

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 389 – We Live In Truth

We all have a spiritual energy that’s moving to and through us—and it becomes an exact replica of our outside world. Whatever is going on inside of us, is also what we see outside of us—whether we’re conscious of it or not.

Just like a computer can only do what it’s been programmed to do—your mind operates based on however it was programmed to operate. That’s why we must pay close attention to what we’re feeding our minds,, what we’re “ingesting” on a regular basis, and what we’re being programmed by.

Today I’m teaching on the idea of “living in truth.” I’m drawing upon the wisdom of Sterling Sill and Thurman Fleet (from manuscripts that are unavailable to the general public).

You’ll learn:


    • Our eyes see whatever our perception tells our eyes to see
    • We’re constantly being inundated with a verification of whatever we’re programmed to believe
    • How the mind becomes susceptible to the ridiculous 
    • What it means to create a “split of consciousness”—separating your mind’s reactions from universal consciousness, Christ consciousness, Krishna consciousness, etc.
    • How many people are “molding themselves into a deformity and shifting away from the divine” by focusing on criticism and hate
    • We model our mind into whatever we’re focusing on (even if it’s the crazy political situation)
    • Our judgment about what we’re observing unconsciously carries over into our business


Plus I’ll share some gems and quotes that can help you deepen your understanding of the truth…like Fleet’s idea that “When one acts as though he wants to be a nobody, nature assumes he is in earnest and grants his wish.” Or Confucius’s line, “Jest not over holy matters.” Or what it means to “Love your enemies” (as Christ said).

The truth is… if you want to change your opportunities and results, you must first change how you SEE things—so you can make different choices, to create the life you want.

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