The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 392 - Accelerate Your Income Series: Operating Without Limits - Part II

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 392 – Accelerate Your Income Series: Operating Without Limits – Part II

Want to avoid low-income months this summer? Listen to this 8-part series, so you can “Accelerate Your Income” as we head into Q4. To get the best results, please listen to and study all 8 episodes. This is part 2 of 8.

Many years ago, I wanted to transform my life and significantly increase my income. I wanted to be who I truly was—not the version of me who’d been created out of a dysfunctional family, with hard times and poor decision-making. (That wasn’t who I wanted to be.) So I decided to do 3 simple things for an entire year:

– Fall in love with what I was doing

– Change my poor work ethic from “hating what I did,” to giving my best in everything I did

– Treat every person with respect for the rest of my life

I put faith behind the idea that if I focused on these 3 things, my life would transform. This was me “claiming my results.” I changed who I was being, and my income tripled in 30 days.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • What it means to put yourself in harmony with what you desire on an energetic level
    • How “loving what you’re doing” cause you to see things with a completely different eye of understanding
    • We get results when we claim them
    • You must train your mind to think the way you want to think
    • We need to stop talking about how bad things are—and start talking about the things we WANT
    • Your desire is the divine plan for your life, and your faith guides you through that plan (it’s like an invisible roadmap of “yeses”)
    • We get whatever we expect—so we need to have positive expectancy about what we want
    • Entrepreneurs need to master the concept of faith and get to the place where you know you can manifest whatever you need 


Plus, I share an exercise to help you strengthen your faith. Whatever you want the universe to manifest in your life, it will come through the strength of your faith. This means you must say “yes” to what you desire—even when you don’t know how it will happen.

Your income will start to accelerate rapidly once you’re harmonizing with everything that is beautiful, good, and love in your life.

Stay tuned next week for part 3 of this 8-part series!

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