The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 391 - Accelerate Your Income Series: Operating Without Limits - Part I

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 391 – Accelerate Your Income Series: Operating Without Limits – Part I

Want to avoid low-income months this summer? Listen to this 8-part series, so you can “Accelerate Your Income” as we head into Q4. To get the best results, please listen to and study all 8 episodes. This is part 1 of 8.

Most of us were raised with the idea that we can’t do something until we have everything we need—the resources, the money, etc.—in order to do it. But that’s not how spirit or the laws of the universe work.

The laws of the universe work in such a way that when you say “yes” to your desire—and you make a decision to act on it—you’ll be met with the next thing you have to do.

In Napoleon Hill’s great book, Think and Grow Rich, he called this “opportunity.” He wrote about the “sly disguise of opportunity”—and how we’re usually blind to something that’s right in front of us, due to our belief system.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • If you have a desire, the way to fulfill it is already here—otherwise, you wouldn’t be conscious of that desire
    • There’s a difference between “change” and “transformation”—and if you want to accelerate your income, you have to transform who you are on some level
    • We struggle, because we’re tied to the person we think we are
    • Why we need to stop looking at our past (where our memory and experiences are stored)—and instead, let our desire lead us into our future
    • Transformation is about becoming something new and bringing in something new
    • Desire is spiritual in nature; it has a magical element to it
    • God doesn’t speak to us through fear
    • To manifest your desire, you need to make a decision


If you want to accelerate your income, you need to be willing to step into a transformation (not just a change) and allow EVERYTHING in your life to radically transform itself. 

You can begin to say to yourself, “What if this was true? What if I actually allowed this possibility to come into my life?”

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of this 8-part series!


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