The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 408 - Common Misconceptions Around Health, Wealth & Happiness

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 408 – Common Misconceptions Around Health, Wealth & Happiness

Today I’m answering a question from a client who wants to know if there’s a connection between having health and happiness, and being wealthy. She has health and happiness in her life, but doesn’t have wealth—and wonders why the first two don’t automatically transfer over to the latter (and vice versa)? 

The answer is, you are in control of whatever you want, as long as you can leverage two things—money and time. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • Money is a very different animal from health and happiness—and there’s not necessarily a “crossover” between these things
    • Happiness and health energetically and spiritually go together, and they can be created regardless of whatever income a person has or doesn’t have
    • Society encourages us to be happy and healthy, but most of society does NOT encourage or teach us to become wealthy
    • Society encourages us to be “safe,” which is a value of the middle-class and working class mindset (neither of which can produce wealth—because they’re based on safety)
    • Many people don’t experience wealth, either due to living in an oppressed country—or due to living in a free society, but not being raised with a wealthy mindset 


To become wealthy, you must shift how you think about money, income, and business. Most people think about, “How do I get more money?” Business people think, “How do I GIVE more, produce more, and share more?”

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