The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 407 - The Power Within

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 407 – The Power Within

Today BT and I are discussing the power that we all have inside of us.

We’re living in a world that’s full of distractions. Technology is allowing us to see so many things. If you don’t understand what your purpose is, and what your role is in the world,  you might have a tendency to get off track. 

Some people are seeing an opportunity to grow their business 10X, 20X even amidst the distractions—while others aren’t seeing any opportunity at all.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • Everything in nature (including human beings) is intended to live as the most successful version of itself
    • We’re all born with what I call a “spiritual DNA”—or the DNA of success
    • Everything in nature has a purpose—YOU have a purpose and a direction to go in, and to find these things, you must look inside of yourself for clues
    • Paying attention to what you’re drawn to will guide you to all the success you want
    • Every person on this planet is here for a reason, and they’re essential for the greater good
    • The problem we’re dealing with now is that people have different belief systems that clash
    • Humanity needs strong leaders who can bring everyone together with some kind of a common value—but most people are afraid to step up and lead
    • Fear is what’s leading the world right now


Plus, we touch on what’s happening collectively as a society, and why, if we don’t turn things around soon, it could be too late for us. What’s causing our society to crumble from within, is that we’re beating each other to death with what we believe.

You can only control who you are as a person, who you’re being, and how you’re showing up. To come back to your purpose, ask yourself: “Where can I be of the greatest benefit?”

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