The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 417 - Full Throttle Thursday - Best Biographies

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 417 – Full Throttle Thursday – Best Biographies

Today BT and I are delving into some of the best biographies I’ve ever read. Many of the world’s greatest leaders, businesspeople, and athletes didn’t experience success until later in life—after an arduous, continuous battle of overcoming themselves in order to get to that point.

Many of the world’s greats went through extraordinary hardship, overcoming terrible things in their childhoods. While some people with difficult upbringings go on to do terrible things with their adult life, others (like Michael Jordan) channel their early difficulties into becoming one of the greatest of the greats.

In this episode, we discuss:


    • How Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team and had a difficult childhood, yet went on to become of the greatest basketball players of all time
    • How Abraham Lincoln faced depression, psychiatric issues, and failure after failure—and yet he made one of the greatest decisions ever in human history (“do we make slavery illegal? Are all men actually created equal?”)
    • How Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation changed everything, as he tried to get back to the vision the founding fathers had for America—and why his decision to free the slaves was so unpopular at the time (if you think people hated Trump—you should see the hate they had for Lincoln)
    • How General Patton’s biggest challenge was overcoming internally whether or not he was a coward—and if it weren’t for his actions during World War II, we might all be speaking German today
    • How Ray Kroc believed he was here to do something big, and how he changed the world with McDonald’s (whether you think it’s good or bad, he ultimately changed the world)


When you read about these people’s lives, it seems like they were preparing for something big their whole life. If there’s anything we can learn from their stories, it’s that in order to become great, you have to overcome something great.


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