The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 427 - Create Your Own Destiny

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 427 – Mindset Monday’s – Create Your Own Destiny

In As a Man Thinketh, James Allen teaches how our thoughts play a role in our ability to achieve anything. Everything we achieve—and fail to achieve—is the direct result of our own thoughts. Once you understand this, you realize YOU’RE responsible for everything in your life, including the successes and the failures. 

Many people believe their achievements and failures are based on something outside of them. That’s simply not true. They often tighten up around the idea of taking “responsibility” for their own life. If you’re doing that, then you’ve linked that word—responsibility—to something you’re judging negatively.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • In a just and orderly universe, individual responsibility must be absolute; it has to come first above all else
    • Responsibility is one of the most freeing things—it gets rid of shame and guilt, and removes the BS from your thinking 
    • Your greatest power is your ability to choose: “I can choose to think something different”
    • When you have a genuine desire for something, pursuing that thing is often essential to your next level of growth
    • A strong man cannot help a weaker man unless the weaker one is willing to be helped—and even then, the weak man must be strong himself
    • Before you can achieve anything, you must lift your thoughts above “slobbish animal indulgence” (i.e., survival thinking)
    • There can be no progress or achievement without sacrifice (i.e., letting go of something of a lower nature, in order to gain something of a higher nature)


Every one of us has the ability to create our own destiny. We’re not held down, held back, or underpaid by any other person, unless we allow that to happen. We don’t have to change society to be free. We need to step into our freedom, regardless of what society thinks, because society won’t change in order to fix your problem.


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