The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 457 - Where Did I Stop?

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 457 – Mindset Monday’s – Where Did I Stop?

Many people are stuck in a certain kind of thinking that keeps them experiencing the same problems over and over again. Their thinking causes them to go in circles. 

If you want to break free—especially when it comes to money—you have to start holding yourself to a higher standard. You must force yourself to make decisions differently. Or else it never changes.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • Your mind is programmed to think if you want something (like money), you have to give up something else
    • When you’re running a business, you can’t deny one area that needs your attention in order to get something in another area—it’s the wrong sacrifice (you can do BOTH)
    • Why you need to break the paradigm of “either/or” (of not being able to do two things at once)
    • How emotions keep us habitually locked in to the idea of “either/or” thinking
    • Changing how you think is a lifelong pursuit that takes time
    • Desire is important in the beginning, because you need to break through your paradigm


Many people want the result, but few actually want to change. If you want to change several things in your life, take one thing at a time and prove to yourself, to the Nth degree, that you can change it…by doing it.

Don’t stop until you get the result. If you keep going—and don’t stop—you’ll see doors opening all over the place.


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