The Successful Mind Podcast - In Search of the Truth: DeMark Thompson

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 458 – In Search of the Truth: DeMark Thompson

Today I have a special guest named DeMark Thompson, who is an actor born and raised in Washington, DC. His acting career began in 2011 with a role in the film, “After Earth,” starring Will and Jayden Smith. DeMark went on to do additional TV roles on CBS, NBC, and HBO.

Shortly before his mother passed away, DeMark promised her that he’d continue acting. Since then, he’s dedicated his career to his mother, and to keeping the promise he made.

In today’s episode we discuss:


    • How life is short, and you should pursue your passions 
    • DeMark’s work in cybersecurity with the Department of Energy 
    • What it was like seeing Will Smith for the first time on set
    • The fierce competition in the acting industry—and why you need to be totally dedicated to the process of auditioning if you want to be a successful actor, because rejection happens often
    • How DeMark shifted from “competing” against other individuals to forming relationships that could lead to other opportunities
    • What makes an actor marketable—and why you need to get your work out there, so that others can know you and your work ethic
    • Why we need to train ourselves to “always stay ready”


DeMark also shares how trained himself not to doubt or worry, because “words have power.” He uses affirmations while waiting to hear back on acting jobs. “Today could be my day. Everything could change today. Anything can happen today,” he tells himself.

DeMark encourages people who are willing to take a leap of faith to pursue their dreams. No matter what we do, people are watching us, and we’re either being an example of what someone could be—or we’re being an example of what NOT to do.


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