The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Mass Formation: How Groups Can Be Led to Think in One Direction

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 459 – Full Throttle Thursday – Mass Formation: How Groups Can Be Led to Think in One Direction

How is it that so many smart, educated people—who are supposedly individuals of science—become completely one-sided? How is it that their minds can’t look at any other information? And when you show them the truth, they deny it? It’s freaky weird. This is not just a problem in the United States. We’re seeing this same mindset all around the world. And it’s very disturbing.

In his recent podcast, Dr. Mattias Desmet discusses “mass formation”—a phenomenon in which an extraordinarily large group of people are hypnotized into thinking in one direction. (This is such a sensitive topic, I can’t even use the word that comes after it.) When people’s sense of safety is jeopardized and destabilized like it was with COVID, they become extremely suggestible to any information—especially when that information is going in one direction only.

In today’s episode BT and I discuss:


    • How big tech platforms are censoring people to keep one message and one narrative moving forward—while locking people into ‘mass formation,’ where they only believe the one thing that’s being told to them
    • How some doctors are turning people away from treatment because they’re not vaccinated—and how Nazi Germany made a certain group of people ‘bad,’ ‘dirty,’ and ‘wrong’ during World War II—to the point where they could justify extermination
    • What Jordan Peterson said about Germans becoming Nazis—it didn’t happen overnight; it happened over a period of time
    • Freedom of speech in the United States, and how it’s the only reason why we haven’t gotten as far as the extreme measures taking place in Canada and Australia 
    • Why the need to be right (or the need to not be wrong) keeps people stuck in their beliefs—where they deny new information, even if it’s true
    • Why it’s dangerous to demonize anybody who thinks differently 
    • The power of thinking for yourself 

Eric Hoffer wrote a fantastic book called The True Believer, in which he explains the concept of ‘mass formation,’ how mass belief systems start, and how they’re created. I highly recommend you read it—and also check out Dr. Mattias Desmet’s podcast.


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